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Excellent work carried out by your company

Dear Mr Shute,

I am writing to thank you for the really excellent work carried out by your company in the construction of the three adjoining driveways in Hyldavale Avenue, and also for the rear patio to one of the houses.

Having acted on behalf of the other clients - my two adjoining neighbours - I can report that we have all really appreciated both the way in which the construction process was carried out, and with the quality of finish of the driveways and patio.

Thorough research had been carried out by me before deciding on your company, and I had obtained a number of quotations from other specialists. I had taken the opportunity to view some of the work you had completed at other locations. When discussing site preparation with you it was obvious that you had the necessary depth of knowledge and experience of driveway and patio construction.

Your staff were always helpful and considerate throughout the time they were on site, not just with clients but also with the other neighbours. We have all been impressed that we did not hear any offensive language, which is so unusual, and for which we have been most grateful. Please pass on our thanks to them: they always acted professionally, whether or not you were on site.

It is fair to say that many people do not understand the need for proper site preparation and, having some knowledge of it myself, I am pleased to report that everything was carried out as you said it would be. Sadly, when I look around at other properties, it is evident that much of the driveway and patio work does not bear comparison with your work. So many of these poorly prepared driveways sink soon after cars are driven on them.

I realise that when doing work to such exacting standards you cannot always be expected to provide the lowest quotations, but it is particularly applicable with this type of work that you only get what you pay for. It is fair to say that your quotations represent very good value.

I haven’t the slightest hesitation in recommending your company, so please feel free to refer any potential clients to me if they are in any doubt as to whether to proceed with your quotation. They can contact me by telephone, or to see the work for themselves in Hyldavale Avenue.

Finally, I must thank you for your unfailing courtesy, which was much appreciated.

I wish you every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Trevor Roberts.